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Friday, June 07, 2013

Report: Virginia Among Best, Maryland Among Worst States For Retirement

 Maryland's high tax burden is causing it to rank as one of the worst states to retire to, while Virginia is among the top 10, according to a report by

Maryland tied with Vermont for 44th in the personal finance website's list of best states to retire to, with its high cost of living and large state and local tax burden blamed for dragging it down in the rankings.

"If you're looking at the state and local tax burden, it's 10.2 percent [in Maryland]. Compare that with Virginia at 9.3 percent and D.C. also at 9.3 percent," said Chris Kahn, author of the report. "In terms of cost of living, it ranked 42 out of 51 states and D.C."


Anonymous said...

Tic tic tic toc get out now i am MD is doomed

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Delaware is in the top 10 of worst states to retire. I thought Delaware was a mecca for retirement.

Anonymous said...

New York and New Jersey did better than Delaware and Maryland. Wow, who would have thought.