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Friday, March 22, 2013

Congressman Harris Draws Attention To Third Anniversary Of Job Destroying Obamacare Law

Three Years After its Passage Obamacare is Knocking People off the Ladder of Opportunity

—Today marks the third anniversary of the House of Representatives passage of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. Three years ago today, the Democrat-controlled House passed this bill without a single Republican vote, even though the American people were strongly against it. Now, three years later, the negative effects of this bill are becoming painfully clear – higher insurance costs, less access, and fewer jobs.

As an anesthesiologist, Congressman Harris understands that this legislation will not increase the quality of healthcare here in America. Instead, it will make things worse. He is strongly in favor of repealing this law and replacing it with patient-centered care that strengthens the relationship between a patient and their doctor.

“On the third anniversary of Obamacare passing the House of Representatives, we have to continue fighting back against this disastrous law that will make it more difficult for the American people to have access to quality and affordable healthcare,” said Congressman Harris. “The more we are finding out about how this law will affect young people and job creators, the more we are realizing that it should never have passed.”

“Obamacare is destroying jobs and will continue to destroy jobs as it becomes fully implemented. Job creators are being forced to let workers go or cut back their hours because they cannot afford the higher costs, looming taxes, and heavy-handed mandates. Young people are finding out that they are not able to afford the skyrocketing cost of insurance. This law must be replaced with patient centered healthcare solutions that do not hurt job creators or ruin the healthcare Americans already have.”

This morning, Congressman Harris participated in a press conference on Capitol Hill with other members of the GOP Doctors Caucus to highlight Obamacare’s disastrous effects on the American healthcare system.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy Harris-you continue to fight for the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Obamacare will be the greatest job killer this Country has ever seen. But, you see, the people that voted for Obama don't give a rats arss because most don't have jobs anyway.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how Harris voted on Saturday mail delivery.