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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Here’s Why It Never Hurts To Give Your Soda Can A Rinse

If you’re the type to drink from a soda can straight out of a store cooler or right from a vending machine, you might want to consider giving it a rinse or a wipe down with a wet napkin first.
The folks at CBS 11 in Fort Worth decided to have a lab take swabs of the tops of cans purchased at various stores and machines in the area. And to anyone who has studied basic microbiology, it’s probably not a surprise that there was a bunch of unpleasant stuff hanging around.

Among several other fun things, the lab found stenotrophomonas maltophilia, pseudomonas luteola, enterobacter cloacae, yeast, and staphylococcus on the can tops.


Anonymous said...

Free vaccination is what I call it! Swab any surface we touch each day before picking that nose and, well, ...

Anonymous said...

A quick rinse will not get rid of those things.