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Saturday, February 09, 2013

All Is Well

I woke up this past Saturday morning and opened my local paper to find out that all was well. An Associated Press article declared a healthy jobs market, fantastic auto sales, a surging housing market, and a stock market rocketing to new all-time highs. What’s not to love? If the mainstream media says the economy is as good as new, it must be so. Why should we let facts get in the way of a good storyline? The stock market has surged to 2007 highs, so the country’s employment situation must be strong.


Anonymous said...

the government and it's lap dogs: liar, liar pants on fire...don't be deceived folks.

Anonymous said...

I remember the movie.. loved it. Good analagy.

Anonymous said...

More BS from this administration , propaganda cnn , MSM , don't you love obamie ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'ANIMAL HOUSE.' Typical of the way our government works.