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Thursday, January 24, 2013

TSA Gives Obama Supporters A Helping Hand


lmclain said...

How nauseatingly revolting is the spectacle of Americans submitting so meekly to several layers of searches and barked commands from armed agents of the government (many of whom were circulating among the crowd with Uzi's and dressed like your neighbor, but ready to blast you into hamburger for a suspicious action) in order to watch our "republic" in action, such as it is.... At airports, bus stations, train stations, and in random searches across the nation in every locale and circumstance. EVERY person --- every single one!! --- who went throught that menagerie of Nazism and totalitarian subjugation and coercion had their photograph taken. And stored forever, just in case, you know. We are being conditioned to submit. In every aspect and under all conditions. And most of you can't wait to submit even MORE. Understand THIS --- they ain't fighting "terrorism". Or looking for any of them. They are purposely putting YOU under their thumb. Keep cheering, just like the MILIIONS who cheered Hitler. Much to their later, and futile, regret. And they are now doing their utmost to disarm us, too. For our own good, of course. They don't like "resistance" too much....wake the hell up.

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break. It's called security for the president.

lmclain said...

You entirely missed the point.