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Saturday, September 22, 2012


From everything we've learned since the murder of our Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens, two weeks ago on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the White House has done nothing but lie to the American people and our compliant media. We were told that a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim film resulted in the death of Stevens and three other Americans. Now it looks as though Stevens was targeted and assassinated in a pre-planned attack by al-Qaeda.

We've also learned that the Libyan government, intelligence reports, and al-Qaeda itself warned of these attacks in advance, and yet there were no extra security precautions taken. My God, there weren't even Marines stationed there.


Anonymous said...

The WH can tell us all the stories it wants, but the attackers over there also hear the lies. The attackers know exactly why they are doing it and wish to get the point across. Seeing that it's obvious that the WH doesn't get the point, they attack again to drive the point home. They are our enemies for a reason, and we are handing out reasons at a record pace.


Anonymous said...

Obama is knocking off the seal teams!

Anonymous said...

If this had happened under a republican president the press would be calling for an investigation. But since we have a black/white christian/muslim american/foreign born democrat president it just doesn't matter to the MSM. Vote Obama Out!!!

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration will tell the american public just about anything to 'tickle their ears'.

Despite rampant unemployment, outrageous gas prices, mammoth food stamp program, escalating disability claims, mass exodus of jobs overseas, and accumulation of massive federal debt - Obama continues to tout that is America is fairing well.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the empty chair.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the chair empty, so is the suit.

Anonymous said...

I guess the class z low budget movie
is responsible for killing civilians in Pakistan by the hundreds?
I guess that same film is why they are burning effigy's of Obama in the streets of Karachi?

lmclain said...

They must have told the Libyan guards, too, because they were prepared to take a LOT of pictures of the attacks. The guards KNEW the attack was coming. But instead of defending the ambassador and his staff, they DOCUMENTED the events. For broadcast on the local Taliban TV. And again, OUR government begins an apology tour.