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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Law So Awful It Literally Makes Judges Cry

Jim Gray had the perfect law and order pedigree. He came from a conservative family, his dad was a judge, he served in the Navy as a JAG attorney, and he went on to become a judge himself. He wanted to do good. But as soon as he started hearing cases from the bench, he realized something was seriously wrong. Watch him logically destroy those who want to talk tough instead of being smart on crime: Source


Anonymous said...

over 85% of all crimes link directly to drugs. don't do them, don't sell them. I am in business and I have been a victim of crime several times and i am tired of people needing money to support their habits. People know what will happen the first time they do crack or meth, makes me wonder why they do it.

Anonymous said...

What a bleeding heart libtard!

Anonymous said...

I don't use drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any 'illegal' or prescription drugs either, but i do not want to pay to imprison those that choose to use them. If people steal or harm other people, by all means arrest them, but if they are not hurting anyone then please don't FORCE me to give up what little money i have left to prosecute and imprison them.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but it does seem a bit strange to have a 50% privatized prison industry with shareholders and government subsidies to keep the beds filled. Wake up people, their are all kinds of declassified documents that show CIA involvement in the drug trade in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and who guards the fields in Afghanistan? Our precious, honest government who proliferates a drug war to fund covert ops.

Anonymous said...

over 85% of all crimes link directly to drugs 12:07 PM

Where did you come up with that statistic?

What a bleeding heart libtard!

September 22, 2012 1:23 PM

Who? The Judge? He happens to be correct.

If he was wrong and prisons actually worked, the number incarcerated would decrease over time, would it not?

One only has to look at recidivism rates to see that prisons do not work. Never have and probably never will.

Unfortunately Americans love drugs. That is the driving force of the demand for drugs.

The suppliers are the ones from other countries who know the profit incentive to fill that need.

No one is immune from the greed that comes with the drug trade. No one.

Not governments, not military's, not police agencies (at every level), and certainly not the cartels.

As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. That is true in anything and everything. Drugs are no different.

Legalization? That may reduce the profit levels and maybe even some of the demand. We probably will not know if true unless they become legal.

And who knows if that will ever happen.

Like I say, the government, (who makes it legal or illegal), is not immune to the greed, (nor the drug trade itself), so they must realize if they made it legal it would reduce THEIR profits as well as everyone else's who is involved in that 'business'.

Come on. Do you REALLY think the importation of illegal drugs could not only occur, but THRIVE, without governments' help and influence?

They talk a good game, act tough, and whatever else they need to do to make it look like they are fighting a 'war' that they are themselves participating in.

If you believe any of that, I bet you think the government actually cares about you too.