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Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Call

Couple exited Burger King on Mt. Hermon Rd and noticed small pit bull puppy unattended in a Nissan suv with all windows up and attached to a short leash hooked on ceiling. After waiting 20 mins with no one checking on pup the couple called Salisbury Police Department. Animal control showed up approx 10 mins later and confirmed report. After seeing animal control near their suv a man & daughter came out of building (with no food). Animal cont did a short investigation & found the pup had water although warm. He was unable to get an accurate temp due to bad batteries. The subject was released with a verbal warning. Thanks to the couple who called police as there was no telling how long this dog would have been left alone in the heat.


Anonymous said...

People like that should not be able to own an animal

Anonymous said...

These type people are selfish, selfish---thinking only of themselves!
I would have never waited 20 min. believe me!!! I would call them right away!!
Soooo , bad batteries----couldn't do an accurate ck on the temp.---
Verbal warning huh---- Animal Control should have gone across the street & gotton batteries so he could fine them---guess that was to much trouble---& to much paper work for them .
I am sooo disgusted with the more I hear about that Humane Society!
The County of ours should be ashamed of the way they have this set up THE County should be responsible---that's the way it's done County Council in other States!
Thank goodness the pups OK!!!!

Anonymous said...

5:19pm Please read this post again and stop always wanting to bash my county I live in. I know a few of the elected officials in the county and they are fine, upstanding people who care about my county & us, the citizens who have invested their lives here.

The Animal Control Officer who showed up works for the city of Salisbury, not the county. Get it?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were the couple that called this in and we did not wait twenty minutes before we called!! As we came out of BK, the family was going in and were parked next to us. We noticed the puppy in the SUV and knew it was in distress!!!! My husband called the Salisbury PD within the first few minutes and it took them almost 15 to 20 minutes to get there!! The poor puppy was barking, panting and nearly choking itself on the leash!!!! It was very hot out yesterday and the puppy was definitely in danger of being overheated and possibly dying. Shame on this family and I am very upset that they only got a verbal warning!!!! The dog should have been taken from them and also a written citation should have been issued!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48, I was the other person that pulled in and saw the pup in the truck. I am also the author of this post. I want to apologize to you up front for misunderstanding what you told me. That was an error on my part and I want all of the readers to know that I made a mistake and that you and your husband did the right thing. Its because of people like you that there is some (even if not enough) awareness being made to treat our animals as if they were infant humans. We all would hope that no one would leave a child in a hot car, so we should not with a defensless animal. Thank you again for taking action!!