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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

No More Tax Deductions

Federal employees who use mass-transit to get to work will have to dig a little deeper. The Transportation Bill Congress passed last week does not extend a tax deduction for users of public transportation. The deduction was worth $230 a month until the end of last year. It then dropped to $125 a month. The new bill, which the president is expected to sign this week, keeps the lower subsidy level. But a spokesman for the House Ways and Means Committee said it was possible Congress would reconsider raising it. One union estimated tens of thousands of federal workers are affected by the lower subsidy.


Anonymous said...

OMG and we wonder where our tax money goes! Living on the shore i do not see a subsidy for us driving to work? Who's administration did that begin under?

Anonymous said...

I believe it goes back to the Clinton administration. The fight over this subsidy that is primarily exploited by federal government employees has been ongoing for years.

Commercial enterprises as I recall also get some kind of tax credit / deduction when their employees participate in the program.

Sand Box John