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Monday, July 30, 2012

Maryland Special Session Will Address Gambling Questions

Maryland legislators will be cutting their summer vacations short after Gov. Martin O'Malley announced a special session for Aug. 9 to address gambling questions left unanswered in the spring.

But after Mr. O'Malley repeatedly urged state leaders to “put the issues behind us so we can move forward,” some people are wondering whether the decision was a risky bluff.

It’s the second special session this summer — Mr. O'Malley called the first one in mid-May to wrap up the budget — and the issues of table game expansion at Maryland’s existing casinos and adding a sixth casino in Prince George’s County were largely used as the reasons why the General Assembly adjourned without passing a budget during the regular session.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know what it costs the State of MD to have a special session? The last one was paid for by massive tax and fee increases.

Anonymous said...

Special sessions ARE for tax and fee increases. The current gambling discussion focuses around lowering taxes to the casino operators. Since that lowers the operating funds of the State, who do you think will make up the difference and how? New taxes and fees.

Anonymous said...

Think every county should have a casino and all other taxes should be abolished. Each county would fund all activities from its take.

Could build them adjacent to universities, providing lots of work-study jobs. College students could hedge the crap-shoot that their schooling and tuition represent by wagering in hope of winning enough to pay tuition bill.

Schools could train kids for jobs in our most vibrant new industry - gaming, thus ensuring a ready supply of workers.

Casinos could be new voting locations; candidate with most quarters played on his behalf would win.

Since all other taxes are gone, citizens would have gobs of disposable income to wager with and the total take would increase.

A bright, new day awaits us! (sarc off)