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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lost Dog

Lost Dog
Brendal Mix Mutt
Last seen Walston Switch Rd
Morris Leonard RD
Medium Build Female
Very friendly but flighty
Call 443-366-1583


Anonymous said...

Please go to the humane society and lol for her. Don't just call. Day before yesterday a friend of mine lost a dog and called there. She was told the dog was not there. She drove out there later in the day and her dog was there and had been all along.

Gary said...

Just left there...No luck..will be there at 11 A.M tomorrow.I just have a very bad gut feeling about a not so neighborly neighbor..And i really truly hope I'm wrong..Thnnks for the advice

Gary said...

Joe ...nothing new to report and the kids have put up multiple flyers around the walston switch area ...will be back to the humain society at 11 a.m ..thanks for all you have done ...we have our fingers crossed ..I hope to deliver good news Tommarow ..thanks again