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Friday, June 29, 2012

Banksters and Members of Congress Are Downplaying JP Morgan Chase's Sudden Loss Of $2 Billion

Banksters and Members of Congress have been downplaying JP Morgan Chase's sudden loss of $2 billion, and arguing that the loss doesn't mean Wall Street needs more regulations. But now, the New York Times is reporting that the $2 billion dollar bet gone bad might actually turn be a $9 billion bad bet. It's now come out that internal models at the bank project losses as high as $9 billion over the bungled trade. Right about now, Congress should be kicking itself for not pressing JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon harder over what exactly went wrong at the bank. Instead – since Dimon has paid off most Members of the House and Senate Financial Committees – our lawmakers kissed his butt. Let's not make the same mistakes twice – time to regulate Wall Street and turn banking into a safe and boring business once again.

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Anonymous said...

Applied for a home loan modification with them nearly two years ago, and still no answer. JP Morgan Chase is a joke!