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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage

North Carolina voters approve state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

From Fox News


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Anonymous said...

Let's hope MD voters send the same message.

Anonymous said...

But im sure, 9:53, that the video will fall on deaf ears.

Gay people arent going to stop being gay because they arent allowed to marry in some places. They arent going to stop fighting for gay marriage either. The gay community will become louder, and louder and LOUDER. Your children that you shelter from thinking for themselves, will hear about it. They will hear more about gay marriage then, rather than if you would just accept the fact that gay people will never stop being gay.

All they are asking for is the same freedom that everyone else has and to stop being treated as 2nd class citizens.

And no, for the love of god, this will not lead to being able to marry anything you want to marry. Amendments can easily include that.

However, why would it even matter to you if someone married their toaster oven? Or their dog? Or anything they wanted to for that matter?

I thought this was a free country. Prove that it is a free country by not acting so self-centered and close-minded.

The faster you legalize gay marriage, the faster it becomes less of an issue and the faster you hear less of it.

Remember the BP Oil Spill? It was all over the news. It was everywhere. It was never really fixed, but the news media stopped covering it because everyone was led to believe that it was fixed. The fact of the matter is, fix the issue and you will hear less of it. Thats the way the world works.

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Anonymous said...

you people are disqusting.


why not ban divorces? the bible dictates thats as well!

You are all just crazy bible thumpers. NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES THE SAME THINGS YOU DO. GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain it to you guys like an idiot(because I have to):

1.Adam and Evelyn: They are both adult human beings capable of making their own decisions. If you met them on the street, you would assume they could get married. They fall in love, both give consent to marriage. The US Gov't recognizes them as a married couple and gives them certain benefits. The church has zero say in the matter. Doubt this? Atheists, Pagans and other religions marry everyday in the US.

2.Adam: Male adult capable of making decisions, if you met him, you would assume he could marry.
Steve: Male adult capable of making decisions, if you met him, you would assume he could marry.
Adam and Steve: They fall in love, consent to marry. US Govt does NOT recognize them as a married couple and denies them certain benefits. Church still has zero say in the matter and the Govt is denying its citizens the same rights that others have. Unconstitutional.

3.Adam: Male adult, capable of decision making, if you met him you would assume he could marry.
A Toaster: Isnt capable of decision making, cannot consent to anything, its an inanimate object and NOT a US citizen. Neither is a dog. Or a dead person. Adam and his toaster cannot marry each other since he cannot make decisions for his toaster.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

marriage - a sacred covenant with God between a man and a woman with the intention to pro-create. hmmmm

this dog will hunt. this makes sense because this is how God intended it since the beginning of time.

you can twist it anyway you want, but the fact will remain. truth will never change. people change. they become more depraved, without morals, no compass, no values, without God and His word, turning from God to his own ways, hence we have these and many other problems facing us today. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. His truth is forever.

just look around my friend. we have become sick; body, mind and spirit because we excluded God from our lives and want to only live as we see fit. God is letting us do this because He gives us free will. don't blame God for the ills of this world; for bad things that happen and not look at our choices.

chose you this day who you will serve. as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. like it or not there are still those who chose to live a better life for ourselves. we want a good future for our children and grandchildren.

it's true; this won't make homosexuals go away, but it's still our choice as to what we will accept in a society. by the way God doesn't hate gays, he wants all to repent and come to Him through His son Jesus. we all need a Savior.

Anonymous said...

11:01, be as gay as you want to be! We are not denying you the right to be gay. Just saying that marriage is reserved for those who make families and have and raise their own children.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... Gay people are just mentally ill!! Nay sayers prove they aren't!!

Anonymous said...

Great! NC went a long way in fixing that whole budget deficit problem, unemployment, and the high costs of higher education yesterday!

Anonymous said...

4:21 beautifully said!

Anonymous said...

No one is asking them to stop being gay. That is teir business as far as I am concerned. I have no problem with a cival union but marriage is between a man and a woman.

Anonymous said...

7:45 This amendment bans civil unions too. Even a man and woman cannot have a civil union or domestic partnership.

Anonymous said...

Sooner deny someone equal rights than fix the litany of things wrong with their state. Southern bigotry at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone believes the way you do. GET OVER IT. See it works both ways.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance on display.

Anonymous said...

I am a pretty level headed guy, I understand where the gay people are coming from. This is like saying black people can not marry white people. But to thump your bible and say that the constitution of marriage is betweeen a man and a woman is about as dumb as you can get. There are many contradicting statements in the bible you can almost quote anything. The LGBT people are not going anywhere so this really won't help the cause. I am a straight person but to deny rights for others during the one lifetime they live is ridiculous just because you do not agree with their lifestyle. They have every right to act as they please while they are on this Earth.

Anonymous said...

i been with a man and a woman. i might not be perfect but i'm in my mirror deep. if you like meat than you should be able to marry meat but only if you like girl meat. that's deep right there. i told jimbo stay away from my girl meat. nothing like some good old fashion lita ford. that is some girl meat for you.

Anonymous said...

11:01 and 3:30 go back in the closet you are poluting the air.Out country is screwed up and you are part of the problem not the solution. To straight people you are hilariously disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Most straight and gay people I know don't want gay marriage but do support something equal but separate. Which proves the gay marriage push is more about destroying another pillar of our society then is about equality.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter waht the bible says about marriage. The bible has no place in american politics. I am a christian but i believe in the separation of church and state. Marriage should be between 2 humans being no matter their sex. And where is the campaigning to outlaw divorce. Which is worse for traditional marriage? 2 men/women getting married or 50 gazillion people getting a divorce b/c it's easier? The only thing that you will find consistently in a group of people claiming biblical beliefs for there decisions are hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

6:21 MD passed a gay marriage bill; not budget, laws that see more businesses leaving (Saks just announced a move of 180 jobs to Tenn) and has totally fowled up the education system to the point where its graduates can hardly spell - but have convoluted logic that says because voters defined marriage as a union of a man and a woman they can't solve other problems. Perversion just doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...


You are a nut job.


So because god mentioned marriage in the bible, it means that you christians get to own everything about it? No.

The church has no say in marriages. Its all the government.

This is not a christian country. This is a country of all types of religion. Are there a lot of christians? Yes.

You arent the only people who live here and you need to get over it. You can feel a certain way about a subject, but taking religion into account when you vote is selfish, close-minded and just despicable of you.

Everyone deserves a chance to marry, man and man, woman and woman, man and woman.

Youre disqusting and everyone like you do not deserve to live in this country.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we look past the fairytales, imaginary friends and what ever other hypothetical creature you may worship and realize that your opinion, no matter how special you think you are, is just that, an opinion.

I support the right for people to be happy with whoever they choose. If other peoples happiness offends you then perhaps your the one with the problem.

Anonymous said...

Religion had marriage before government did and God and nature has dictated that marriage is between a man and woman.

Anonymous said...

" If other peoples happiness offends you then perhaps your the one with the problem."


Anonymous said...

@ 2:38

So according to you were all supposed to be miserable people

Religion, especially the christian religion, has done more harm then good through out history, so what gives you any right to tell others how to live based on some fanfiction?

All you bible thumpers seem to forget that Jesus preached tolerance, not hate and injustice. It's funny how those who spew the most hate seem to be the most religious.

Anonymous said...

2:55, spot on.

It is true. The most hate comes from the religious.

Imaginary friends will do that to you