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Friday, May 18, 2012

Berlin Looking To Embrace Weddings

Berlin’s best kept secret won’t be a secret for long if several businesses get to fill their hearts’ desire this June.

Berlin’s best kept secret is that it won’t be long before couples who “Say I Do” begin living happily ever after with a one-of-a-kind Berlin wedding.

For several weeks, businesses from Berlin and the surrounding area have been collaborating on how to best make Berlin a wedding destination for the mid-Atlantic region.

“We thought what better place to have a memorable and tasteful wedding, then here in historic and beautiful Berlin,” said Angela Reynolds, who is chairing the effort.

The historical and picturesque ambiance of Berlin is a perfect setting for all types of weddings, according to Jen Davis of Bustle, a new bridal boutique on Main Street that will officially open June 8.



Anonymous said...

Same sex weddings will be good for business and that is exactly why they ate doing this. Win win

Anonymous said...

Berlin has it together as a downtown, and knows how to attract business. Salisbury has lessons to be learned form less than 50 miles away in 3 places, but still can;t decide whether to cover both eyes, both ears, or its mouth... there's just not enough hands!
I'm sure Berlin will look at the Salisbury model and install parking meters in all lots soon..... NOT.

Anonymous said...

4:23 I hope you are wrong.