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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gov’t $15.6T in Debt Funds 16 Programs to Teach Citizens ‘Financial Literacy’

A federal government that is $15.6 trillion in debt is currently using its “bully pulpit” to run 16 different programs to teach citizens “financial literacy,” according to the Government Accountability Office, the accounting agency of the U.S. Congress.

Previously, relying on a study by the RAND Corporation, the GAO had reported that the federal government operated 56 programs to teach citizens “financial literacy.” However, it subsequently determined that 16 was a better count of what it called the government’s “significant financial literacy programs.”

Even among these 16 federal programs that teach citizens “financial literacy,” the GAO found that there is some duplication of efforts and no definitive way to measure the programs’ effectiveness.



Anonymous said...

What a joke this administration has become. I have never in all my 51 years seen such incompetence, criminality and just plain stupidity. Obama insults my intelligence every time he opens his mouth with another lie that he expects me to believe. For them to fund programs to teach financial literacy is laughable. I have to either laugh or get more pissed off. I choose the former-it keeps me in better spirits.

Anonymous said...

why do i need to be financially literate? I get everything for free from the government. Since they spend so much they have taught me how to do the same, sit back and spend other peoples money! it's real easy!