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Monday, April 09, 2012


According to a new report by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement – more than 46,000 parents of U.S. citizens were deported in just six month between January and June of 2011. This unprecedented rate of deportations is breaking up families and leaving tens of thousands of American children without parents and forced to grow up in foster care. President Obama has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than any other president, although right-wingers lie about his record and want more and more families broken up. And, tragically – this sort of crackdown is leading to enormous pain and suffering.


Anonymous said...

46,000 Parents?

Looks like we have about 11,540,000 more to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should see it! Babies ripped from their parents' arms and thrown into a big barrel marked "Property of Social Services Baby Bank" as the parents are pushed and shoved through the turnstiles at the border! Oh, the humanity!
Really, folks. The picture they paint is as race baiting as they can get it. Anyone who truly knows the facts of each case would see differently.

I'm with 7:00, only eleven million to go.

Anonymous said...

Less pain if we round them all up at once.

Anonymous said...

Send their children with them.