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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Debbie Campbell's Original Letter To The Editor In Today's Daily Times That Has Been Removed

On Thursday the Daily Times published an article by Sarah Lake, “Black Friday Security in Jeopardy”. Ms. Lake writes that the city council received a memorandum of understanding (MOU) from Wal-Mart about providing police security on Black Friday. What Ms. Lake wrote was untrue. Worse, she was present at the meeting where this matter was discussed and knew it was untrue.

The meeting’s audio is available on the city’s website. Our discussion of the matter begins about 9 minutes into the recording. Any objective listener will understand that a majority of the council wanted to move forward with the matter. Unfortunately, contrary to Ms. Lake’s article, we never received a copy of the agreement between the city and Wal-Mart. At the time of the meeting, it hadn’t been reviewed by the City Attorney. When we asked if the agreement was the same as a contract already in place with the Centre at Salisbury, the administration’s response was that they thought so, but weren’t sure. It would have been irresponsible for the council to agree to a contract that we had not seen and that had not been approved by City Attorney.

Ms. Lake also included comments from Mayor Jim Ireton that the agreement would have gone through except that it was signed by Muir Boda. Mr. Boda has twice run for the Salisbury council. Again, Ms. Lake was present at the meeting. The only question that was raised was whether the local people at Wal-Mart could legally sign the document. This question was asked because in our agreement with mall, the city had to get a signature from the owner’s corporate headquarters. Again, Ms. Lake included something that she knew was false.

Anyone listening to the recording would also note that we discussed adopting a standard contract at a later date. This would allow the administration to enter into future contracts without having to get council approval.

Perhaps this could be chalked up to bad reporting on the part of Ms. Lake. Unfortunately, it goes deeper. On Tuesday, Ms. Lake participated in a “strategy session” with Mayor Ireton, Laura Mitchell, Shanie Shields, and others to discuss Ms. Mitchell’s petition drive to overturn our recent charter change.

Ms. Lake may deny this, but she foolishly sent me a copy of her notes of the meeting for me to comment on. Why would the Mayor and his political allies invite a reporter to a strategy session? To be the beneficiaries of a nice, flattering, front page article. What happened on Thursday? They were the recipients of a nice, flattering, front page article.

Unfortunately, there is not enough space available to refute the false and /or hypocritical charges leveled by Ireton, Mitchell, Louise Smith or Barrie Tilghman. Of course that’s what happens when a newspaper permits itself to be used as a propaganda tool rather than a deliverer of news. A previous op-ed by councilwoman Terry Cohen persuasively refutes their initial attacks on the charter change. Now they level a new set of charges / arguments because the first obviously did not ring true with voters.

It is my sincere hope that the publishers of the Daily Times have the honesty to retract both stories and apologize. Allowing a reporter to knowingly print falsehoods and collude with one political group against another violates every tenet of journalistic ethics. A newspaper should be an important part of the community. However if we cannot trust its coverage of something as basic as a council work session, what can we believe?

Publisher's Notes: With all due respect, I have personally asked the Mayor why he has refused allowing me to have access to any press releases and or invitations to events or press conferences. His reply to me was as follows. "You play nice with me, I'll play nice with you". Unless you are doing so you will have NO ACCESS. He went on to tell me that he cannot, in good conscience, work with me because I am a racist towards Obama. I tried to express that my Posts on Obama are from the Main Stream media. His reply, he doesn't care. The Mayor stated if I ever publish this he'll deny it.

You see Folks, IF we do NOT play nice with Mayor Ireton or even Mike Lewis, if we do NOT agree with them on any issue, we're cut off. All the more reason to follow Salisbury News. We do NOT lie. The last Mayor Tilghman pulled this kind of crap and even went so far as to sue me, she lost. She lost because I never once lied. I'll never forget just one part of her lawsuit. She stood before the Judge and they claimed I had published an article about her kids being raised in a Boarding School. The Judge asked me if this was true, I agreed. He then asked Mrs. Tilghman, were your kids raised in Boarding School. Her reply, yes. She then immediately went on to say, but he was suggesting I was a bad parent. The Judge replied, no he didn't, he simply stated the facts. 

There's are certain select group of people who only want one side of a story being told. Clearly the Daily Times "PLAYS NICE" but YOU are only seeing what they, (and other special interests) want you to see. The Daily Times has pulled this on line article from today's paper. We have NOT changed a single word Mrs. Campbell produced. I'm not even sure if they published the above letter word for word. Salisbury News ALWAYS publishes 100% of any press release, unlike the Daily Times. So how we can be told that we're now racists or nasty bloggers is beyond me. 

As our readers know, we do not tolerate gay bashing or racism of any form. On the rare occasions when an inappropriate comment slips through, as soon as we recognize it we pull it immediately.

Nevertheless, now you know what you're getting from the Daily Times referencing Laura Mitchell and Jim Ireton. Play Nice News.

I want it to be known that I requested an exact copy of this letter from Councilwoman Debbie Campbell provided to the Daily Times this morning.


Anonymous said...

The DT knows that many people only get their news on line, No wonder they pulled it. The truth hurts and doesn't serve the DT's purpose.

Joseph Albero said...

In reference to Debbie's letter, clearly the majority of Council are looking out for the best interest of the taxpayer. I personally believe it is VERY important that our Council Representatives have enough WISDOM to know in advance what previous agreements have stated to protect not only our law enforcement but the taxpayers as well.

These agreements crate a TON of liability. If a law enforcement officer is injured and the proper language is not in place it could cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Kudos to Tim, Terry and Debbie for protecting our interest. Shame on Mayor Ireton, Shanie Shields and Laura Mitchell for NOT being mature enough and making this yet another political issue.

Anonymous said...

No doubt in my mind the DT's pulled Councilwoman Campbell's letter because they could NOT refute it with facts.
What a bunch of sleazeballs including this Lake person.

It sounds to me like they KNOW they have been uncovered and KNOW what the truth is, but since it sucks to have been proven a liar they choose to keep this letter hidden.
Joe, would you consider providing a link to the audio of the mentioned meeting? It would make it easier for people to find.

Anonymous said...

That's one of many problems in America.
People in authority do not appreciate other people's opinions & advice when they differ with their own.
People in authority and/or those who hold prominent positions (just as millions of people hold worldwide, such as politician, judges, etc.) are disillusioned & think they are all so mighty & powerful and think that people's opinions who rank below theirs are insignificant.
It seems as though that these people feel they are superior than others and are unappreciative of the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

The agenda is clear to me now that I know about the alliance between Tilghman, Dunn, Ireton, et al. It sickens me to know the truth about Mitchell and what she's up to. A meeting among that bunch, and inviting a reporter to help them spread their lies shows what "her" petition (I mean Barrie Tilghman, Mike DUnn & SAPOA's petition) is really about. They want to stop Campbell, Cohen and Spies from making the change that has been needed in this city for years. Mitchell and her cronies don't want better laws that will change things.

Anonymous said...

I think Lake's got the hots for Taylor. There was some other story not too long ago she wrote that both she and Taylor were infatuated with. I can't remember what it was about, but I do remember thinking how I've never seen 2 people so hot and bothered over something so insignificant and mundane.

Anonymous said...

Ireton is a dung heap in my opinion.

Maybe the council would have been provided the proper information to move the Walmart thing forward if Ireton had lived up to his campaign promises to get rid of inept people in the mayor's staff.

Ireton has hired a personal assistant when he used to say that Lore' Chambers' job had to go, that the city didn't need two city administrators. Two faced lies.

That's why he's at the top of the list on my personal dung heap. He wouldn't talk to a man the way he talked to Debbie Campbell, instead he treats her like Mike and Bubba did.

He just plain and simple does not like women, that's why the lack of respect and professionalism on his part.

Anonymous said...

They pulled the letter knowing they would be inudated with comments in support of Councilwoman Campbell.
Their agenda is imploding and they can see it. The Gillis letter didn't get the postive response they had hoped for and either does any of the articles concerning the petition drive.

Anonymous said...

The only agenda on the minds of Cohen, Campbell and Spies is to see that the city does what's legal. I voted for them and would again. The council needs unrestricted access to the legal advice from the city attorney, not at the whim of the mayor or anyone else, otherwise we will see the same kind of mistakes, back room dealing and favoritism that has plagued the city for years. These three are honorable to a fault, and do the work that they were elected to do. Let them do it, not be a council majority that rubberstamps legislation written by special interests and those who just want to make a quick buck on the taxpayers' backs. And never forget who their loudest detractors are: some with political futures to groom, some with a history of irresponsible and even irrational spending and taxing, and those who have no clue whatever than what they've been fed by the loudest of the loud. When those folks ask you to sign the petition, ask them what the mayor is giving up with this charter amendment. The answer is nothing. It doesn't change the mayor's access to legal counsel, it only includes that access for the council, the people who write and pass the laws.

Anonymous said...

The Grapevine today was just awful! Accusations that Campbell, Cohen and Spies are power hungry.

And who were these accusations made by? The Power Hungry Petition Drivers!

I am not merely disappointed in Mitchell, Little Miss Civility. The only reason I voted for her was I thought she was supportive of the three honest people of council. No, she was just sucking up to them to get the votes of people like me. Ireton, too.

Never again. They are even worse than Louise Smith in their pretend support of honesty, surpassing even Smith in using people just to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Great comment 2:07. I'm from Worcester county and even I can see from what little I read and hear of Salisbury politics that the 3 you mention are honorable. They also want transparency in the city government hence the change in the city attorney charter.
The Daily Times is 100% wrong and are truly showing their true colors.

Anonymous said...

I believe Ireton said that to you, Joe. Another version of Barrie's "my way or the highway." He has said a lot of things he shouldn't. People are learning the ugliness behind this man and his new friend Mitchell. When they disagree politically, they call names. Ireton stirs up accusations of racism and Mitchell tries to play innocent while giving he people the impression there was something disastrous going on with this charter amendment when there wasn't.

Barrie, Dunn, Smith and all their nastiness never left. It's just reincarnated in Ireton and Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

I do not like Jim Ireton at all. His response to Campbell;

'You play nice with me and I'll play nice to you'

There are alot of inferences that go into that ploy. Personally, I do not think Cohen, Campbell need to be worried as his preference seems to be slanted towards the male gender as opposed to the female species. However, Tim Spies had better keep an eye on old Ireton if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

2:41, the gay reference was not right. I hope Joe pulls it.

Besides, Ireton is an Equal Opportunity Political Screwer. He's teamed up with Barrie Tilghman to crush his old friends for not being a rubber stamp. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The "play nice" comment was made to Albero, not Debbie. The other comment was unnecessary in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You play nice with me and I'll play nice to you'

There are alot of inferences that go into that ploy. Personally, I do not think Cohen, Campbell need to be worried as his preference seems to be slanted towards the male gender as opposed to the female species. However, Tim Spies had better keep an eye on old Ireton if you know what I mean.November 13, 2011 2:41 PM

As our readers know, we do not tolerate gay bashing or racism of any form. On the rare occasions when an inappropriate comment slips through, as soon as we recognize it we pull it immediately.Posted by Joseph Albero at 11/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

Well so glad to see what you do not tolerate. So what is this one of those rare occasions?

Anonymous said...

That comment is so not gay bashing 4:07. All 2:41 did was make mention of Ireton's sexual orientation. Gay bashing is when one makes threats of violence or tries to intimidate someone because they are gay.
Stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Anonymous said...

joe, but you are playing nice by not allowing gay bashing on your site. that way the public won't be able to have an informed opinion on the current leadership in salisbury. although if the truth was published would that be considered gay bashing?

Anonymous said...

"Well so glad to see what you do not tolerate. So what is this one of those rare occasions?"

I don't see any bashing, merely a statement of the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Okay.....just for the sake of clarity could you please point out where in Campbell's letter she is denying that she didn't know Boda had signed the MOU since that is what you are insinuating.
And all I'm hearing in the audio is the fact that the Centre's corporate office approved and signed the MOU and them questioning that maybe shouldn't this MOU also be approved by Walmart corporate same as the Centre. Seems to me they are just dotting i's and crossing t's before committing to something."

I just sent this in to JT now lets see if he approves it.

Anonymous said...

In it's little disclaimer in the print edition, the DT says that the meeting of the political elite - strike that - political disingenuous (Tilghman, Ireton, Dunn, Mitchell, ZShields, Cathcart, SAPOA, etc.) was a public meeting. No it wasn't. I know someone who was invited and it was NOT public. The Chamber seems to be at it again. WHo else was there? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I am a racist and have made several comments that could be considered racism on this blog , they have never been published.
I'm glad they weren't published after having second thoughts. I have also made comments that were not published about gays or what ever you call them.
So , having said that , Joe is truthful in that he does not publish these radical comments.
I cannot see how Ireton can call him a racist , I've never seen any thing on this blog that would represent that statement.
There are many blacks that do not like Obama , are they racist?
When will you guys ever elect a mayor that has any brains and works for the people?
Just a note at the end , I can't stand Obama , he is a liar , a thief and a radical muslim.

Anonymous said...

So 4:07 let's get back on the topic at hand, okay?

Question for you-do you feel Councilwoman's letter to the DT's should have been pulled and why? And I find the letter to be 100% truthful and shouldn't the council have questioned if Walmart corporate should have given the okay for the security since that's what the Centre did?

This is how you get rid of them. Just ask a few hard questions and like magic they disappear.

Beezer said...

I can verify that Joe is anything but a racist. Many times we both have removed comments because they racially motivated and/or bigoted, but I can honestly say that Joe has tried to be fair and balanced in his coverage of events.

Moreover - he has never censored any of my many articles or postings on this site and basically calls it like he sees it - based on facts and statistics.

My personal assessment of SBYnews is to be fair and balanced - heavily weighing-in on the public's interest in general as opposed to special interest. I truly believe we are very fortunate to have him at the helm of this media.

Anonymous said...

To 4:07 Posting - you should go back and read the comment for I believe you have made an error in interpretation.

Campbell's article was most likely pulled because her views and opinions have 'bucked' The Daily Times liberal agenda. Anyone worth their salt knows that The Daily Times is heavily laced with a liberal slant agenda. Just ask any of their many - now unemployed - reporters and they can easily verify this information.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Times didn't pull Campbell's letter because they are liberal. Nothing Campbell is talking about has to do with conservative or liberal.

The Daily Times got called out for their role in making the news instead of reporting the news. Joe mentioned Carmean, who is real good friends with Mike Dunn, who hates Debbie Campbell more than he likes breathing, I do believe. The Daily Times has gone after Debbie Campbell for years with one smear article after another. My friend is so glad to be out of that hellhole excuse of a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is wrong! I listened to the audio of the work session and no where did I hear that Boda signed the MOU only that he requested the security.
The SPD official who presented the request before the council had himself just received the signed MOU and he said only that it was signed by a store manager.
Again, the Mayor is WRONG and way off base on this one, no matter how he tried to spin it!

Anonymous said...

I'm questioning Boda's authority to sign the MOU. I know from experience you can't even have the floor waxers come in without corporate approval with these large corporate types of retailer/restaurants, etc.

Anonymous said...

MOU's are usually signed by a trustee who has been appointed by the corporation. I doubt very seriously if Boda had the authority.
I'm thinking if council had approved this, reimbusement for the security would have been a hugh problem.

Anonymous said...

This entire situation is just downright shameful.The mayor tries to deny council access to the city attorney, council changes the charter and the battle begins. The mayor has brought this headache on himself. Now, he unites with the old regime he ran against, to try to save face on an issue that is meaningless.To make matters worse,the town's newspaper gets involved with their version which is compromised by untruths. What a mess we have here.
Difference of opinion is fine,finding solutions is divine.It is time for the mayor to accept the fact that council should have access to the attorney period.Anything else proves him to be very small and trite. The Dailey Times on the other hand has the right to write their articles with whatever slant they choose,but please make an effort to at least report the truth.