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Monday, June 29, 2020

'Turns out NBC loves blackface!' Megyn Kelly mocks her former employer as four shows aired on the network come under fire for using controversial scenes

Megyn Kelly has mocked her former employer NBC for canceling her show due to a discussion about blackface, after a fourth show on the network was singled out for featuring the offensive makeup.

Kelly, 49, had her NBC show Megyn Kelly Today canceled in 2019 following her remarks surrounding the appropriateness of blackface during Halloween.

On Friday Netflix announced that it was pulling an episode of NBC's sitcom Community after they realized it featured blackface.

NBC has also withdrawn episodes of 30 Rock for depicting the same racially insensitive practice.

Saturday Night Live and Scrubs have also featured blackface, and on June 1 Jimmy Fallon made an emotional apology for donning blackface on SNL.

Kelly tweeted on Friday, in response to questions over the four shows: 'Turns out NBC loves blackface!'



Anonymous said...

Are CBS, ABC and NBC going to go all the way back, back to the early days of TV (and even radio) comedy and drama to purge every line, scene, accent and makeup job that's questionable in TODAY'S lens of reference? It would seem that the job wouldn't be complete without apologies for and permanent erasures of those horrible wrongdoings.

That's over 100 years of programming. Better get busy!
And don't forget the Library of Congress and National Archives, where there's lots of history that needs cleansing.


Anonymous said...

While we are at it can we purge all the songs that have the n word in it? Oh wait, that would be a double standard right.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, go to the Wikipedia page entitled "List of entertainers who performed in blackface". You'll be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Ok Megyn "honey". You received our NBC money, move along "dear".

Once never EVER knows where paths could cross again.
Money ALWAYS talks.

anonymous said...

That episode of Community was the best of the whole series. Also, it was Ken Jeong, from The Hangover, wearing elf ears, contact lenses, an Andy Warhol type white wig, and was painted jet black to look like a type of elf in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games. Not even a human. Pretty soon everyone who acted in Planet of the Apes will "canceled."

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Julie Andrews??!

Anonymous said...

Then I guess this means that the networks are racist and that their owners are racist, so does that mean that hated Comcast is racist?

Anonymous said...

People in glass houses............ LOL