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Monday, January 13, 2020

The blue-state exodus gains momentum

Nine years ago I published a piece that asserted, “Voters around the country are concluding it’s better to be red than dead,” applying almost the exact opposite meaning to an old phrase referring to communism. New Census Bureau figures appear to confirm my prediction — mostly.

My point was that many voters were, and are, increasingly fed up with the high taxes, heavy regulations and increasing social wokeness that have come to characterize most blue states — i.e., those dominated by liberal politicians and policies.

I argued that voters wanting to live in a business-friendly, fiscally responsible state that minimizes its tax burden would either vote out the liberals destroying their state’s economy or flee to a red state. The latest Census Bureau report highlights the red-state shift.

According to an Election Data Services analysis of the Census Bureau report, “The population projections point toward a ten [congressional] seat change over 17 states across the nation by year 2020.”

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Anonymous said...

My son is one of them.
He and his wife headed to South Carolina for better opportunities and lower taxes. I plan to do the same in retirement somewhere in the south.

Grass is definitely greener, and as a conservative, I would feel more at home in a red state and a blue state like Maryland.
No longer the land of pleasant living and a tax hell to live in!

Anonymous said...

Now we shall see what these people have learned... will they move and try to make the new state into what they just left? Do they see what the liberal policies did to their home?

Anonymous said...

I’ll most likely retire in a purple state and try to flip it red

Anonymous said...

I think that is reason taxes and fees as well as real estate is getting so high here. The high tax states of New England and New Jersey have flooded Maryland. Many of them have brought their problems and liberal ideas, that they tried to escape from and helped to cause most of the problems here. They come here to retire and find our real estate cheaper, even though it is inflated beyond many of the people who have lived here for generations can afford.

Young people and people with means are leaving.
The only jobs here are service jobs that don't even pay a living wage, so their only choice is to either live with their parents, or move where the opportunity is better and living is cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Yes 9:58 and they just bring all their dirty laundry with them when they do come and end up destroying everything else where they land

Anonymous said...

You clowns continue to wedge every situation into your political melodrama. This shift was predicted over 2 decades ago. Yes, taxes do play a role. But not the "liberals are crazy, red is better" bull that was spouted in this article. Has everything to do with retiring boomers looking to get out of the cold and make their retirement funds stretch longer. The cost of living is lower down south and parts of the southwest; if you are no longer worried about getting higher earnings up north (retired) there is no reason to stick it out in the snow. Those boomers coming down have created mini construction booms in some locations, and the opening of opportunities in the health care field. This is not some crazy "lets run for the GOP hills" phenomena. Just a simply reversal of the mid 1900's migration of folks from the south to the industrial north.

Anonymous said...

That's what happened here on Delmarva

Anonymous said...


So why aren't they moving to sunny southern California then?

Anonymous said...

Because of the high cost of living rhat has been driven by the tech boom and historically high real estate in many parts of southern CA. Next question.