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Monday, January 13, 2020

Decorated Vietnam and Iraq war hero has his prosthetic legs REPOSSESSED two days before Christmas

A decorated Vietnam and Iraq war hero says his prosthetic legs were repossessed two days before Christmas.

Now Jerry Holliman, 69, says he's stuck in a Mississippi veterans home, unable to use the artificial limbs after they were returned to him - most likely because he went to the media with his story.

He technically still doesn't own them and needs to have them adjusted before he can wear them.



Anonymous said...

Unreal Who dropped the ball on this ?

Anonymous said...

If he has service-connected disability status for Agent Orange (diabetes is automatic in that case) this should be covered by the VA, though he apparently didn't go through the VA to get them. That might be the problem. He could contact the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) for help. They are great, and it's free. They should be able to help him (or somebody like him) get through the process.

Anonymous said...

You should call the VA rehabilitation home where he has been living for the past year and tell them. You sound very knowledgeable about the military. More then likely know one at the VA Home has thought of it. Thank you.