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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

These ‘Founders’ Aim to Improve How Schools Teach History and the Constitution

Many students and educators agree that the history of America’s founding is sorely lacking in high school curricula across the country.

The philosophy behind the founding and the United States Constitution often gets the boot when competing with STEM-focused subjects in today’s classroom.

But one Florida organization is hoping to change that with an after-school program for high school students designed to fill in details absent from typical curriculums.

“Learning specifically about the Constitution and all that it entails and how it was created the way it was, what the Founders were like—it was just fascinating for me,” James Evans, 17, a senior from Callahan, Florida, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “You have the ability to show that you’re engaged and you want to be civically literate, and I thought that was amazing.”

The U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation does more than just fill in some important blanks of the school curricula of northeast Florida’s Nassau County. The organization prepares students for success after graduating high school and hosts educational events open to local residents.


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Anonymous said...

All tax payer funded schools should be mandated to teach US History accurately and not taught by the Liberal Democrat theories and beliefs. That is why our children have been and still are indoctrinated with incorrect liberal views for years. That is why nobody knows what I say when I say History is repeating itself. Sen Lindsey Graham just stated the IG report reminds him of the J Edgar Hoover regime that nobody knows about since History probably taught / teaching the Liberal view and not the true facts.