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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Moderator Shocked by Lack of Native American Enthusiasm for Warren

The moderator at a Native American forum was shocked on Monday after Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) received very little enthusiasm about her potential election.

Warren participated in the presidential forum on Native American issues in Sioux, City, IA, where she apologized for the "harm" she caused for her past claims of Native American ancestry.

"It's a wonderful day and Native Americans across this country should celebrate. Today we're sharing the stage with a future president perhaps," the moderator said.



Anonymous said...

No surprise there, why should Native Americans be enthused about an impostor

Anonymous said...

Why would Native Americans be enthusiastic about another Washington politician who used them as they have been used since Europeans came to the Americas? Just another liar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she and Bernie can try the Green New Deal socialist project on her reservation.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be done to undo the lies she told to advance her career. No vetting of her heritage claims were even attempted by the university or her employers, let alone her constituency in her early years of politics.
In 2010-2011, while fully being as white as she is today, she was paid close to $400,000 as a minority faculty member at Harvard. Those were ill-gotten gains.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Native American and I oppose her. I was born right here in the USA and my ancestors immigrated from Europe in the 1800's.