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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

'Stone Cold Loser'

President Donald Trump fired back at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s direct attack on him, taking to Twitter Monday morning as he landed in the UK to dismiss the outspoken left-wing politician as a “stone cold loser”.

The Tweets — which President Trump appeared to make while flying over British airspace but before Air Force One touched town — followed an article about the President London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote for Britain’s perhaps best known old-left Sunday newspaper The Observer. Writing the day before the state visit was due to begin, Khan compared Trump to most fascist and authoritarian leaders of the past century.

Replying in kind, President Trump pointed to Khan’s poor record as Mayor, which has seen crime and particularly violent crime and murder soar, and suggested the Labour party politician spend more time doing his job properly rather than attacking the leaders of key British allies.

As well as roasting Khan’s “terrible” attempt at leading London, the President also said the Mayor had been foolish, was a “stone cold loser”, and was much like the “very dumb and incompetent” New York Mayor de Blasio.



Anonymous said...

That's what I like about Trump, he doesn't pull any punches, he calls it like he see's it.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the liberal UK tabloids repeatedly misquote Trump, by stating he said Harry's wife was nasty. His statement was simply saying he didn't know she had made nasty remarks toward him.