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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Governor Hogan Calls For Investigation Over Handling of Adenovirus Outbreak at University of Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today sent a letter to the University System of Maryland Board of Regents calling for an immediate investigation into the handling of the adenovirus outbreak on the University of Maryland, College Park campus that led to the tragic death of Olivia Paregol. The letter comes after a Washington Post article outlines a timeline of events following the first diagnosis, showing that campus leadership waited 18 days to disclose information about the virus to the student body.

“According to published reports, university officials chose not to disclose confirmed and suspected cases of adenovirus to students and families,” wrote Governor Hogan. “Just as, if not more disturbing, is the revelation the university held on to this potentially life-saving information for weeks.”

Following the tragic death of Jordan McNair and the subsequent investigation conducted by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents, the governor assured the people of Maryland that his administration would hold the university’s leadership accountable for the reforms necessary to ensure student safety is always the top priority at College Park and throughout the system.

“Mr. McNair’s death rightfully prompted multiple investigations and brought to light numerous inadequacies in how the university dealt with a medical emergency,” the governor said. “Unfortunately, I am deeply concerned that the University learned nothing from that troubling and tragic episode.”

Governor Hogan also highlighted the lack of urgency throughout the process, saying while caution is sometimes understandable and called for, common sense should never be overruled by bureaucratic protocol when lives are on the line.

The governor concluded his letter by calling for any findings to be made public: “A thorough investigation into the handling of the adenovirus information—including a review of the university’s health center—is necessary. It will provide the context and facts needed to move forward. If any officials are found to have been negligent, it is vital that you take swift action.”


Your tax dollars at work said...

Hooligan Hogan is in Ocean City

with three vehicles full of State Police

been down here more than a week now

Anonymous said...

Must be an election year for Hogan to care - oh yes that's right - he wants to be President of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The liberal ''minds.'' it is true, the malfunction is real. You know, yes you do. Wanderers, you will find many of these 'Statistics' as you continue your cosmic journey. !!

Anonymous said...

There should not be any resignations or retirements allowed until this is thoroughly investigated and charges filed. Then they all should be immediately fired with no State benefits or retirement packages. With them knowing of the problem and nothing done should lead to charges. Murder and premeditated murder and accomplice to murder, since there was a lack of notification and medical attention given to the person(s). The monetary amount awarded, which there will be, should be from the University System budget and not State tax dollars. They have millions in their accounts that has been donated by Alumni and businesses.

Anonymous said...

Parents entrust Universities and Colleges with their most precious asset, their children. And schools collect fantastical amounts of compensation to provide a safe environment while educating them. Transparency and Accountability is the minimum that should be expected from these institutions.

Anonymous said...

ILLEGAL immigrants Montgomery county allowed in. Along with the free TAXPAYERS MONEY YOU give them to attend. CASE SOLVED YOU FREAKING LOOSER.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but anyone that would send their children into the jungle at the university of Maryland today needs their heads examined. The state of Maryland has become a cancer and it's spreading to the eastern shore now. What once was a sportsman's paradise is a drug infested, welfare entitlement area today.