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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Ron Paul: Shut Down the TSA!

In the 18 years since Congress created the TSA, the agency has proven itself incapable of providing real security…

Hard as it is to believe, airline travel recently became even more unpleasant. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees being required to work without pay for the duration of the government shutdown resulted in many TSA workers calling in sick. The outbreak of “shutdown flu” among TSA employees forced some large airports to restrict the number of places mandatory TSA screenings were performed, making going through screening even more time-consuming and providing one more reason to shut down the TSA.

Airline security should be provided by airlines and airports. Private businesses, such as airlines, have an incentive to ensure their customers’ safety without treating them like criminal suspects or worse. Security personnel hired by, and accountable to, airlines would not force a nursing mother to drink her own breast milk or steal a stuffed lamb from a wheelchair-using three-year-old and subject the child to such an intensive screening that she cries “I don’t want to go to Disneyworld.” Those who claim that the TSA is necessary to keep us safe should consider that the Department of Homeland Security’s own studies show that TSA’s screenings and even the intrusive pat-downs are ineffective at discovering hidden guns, explosives, and other weapons



Anonymous said...

Its for the children don't you all remember?

Anonymous said...

Oh but you have noting to hide so why should you care????

Anonymous said...

They have added absolutely no value to the security program, everyone that you survey (victims that is) will tell you that it is nothing more than Kabuki Theater - while the cost is enormous!

lmclain said...

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You want to kill us???
We are the very best in the world at killing people and no one on the planet can stop us.
Then do it.
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Promise to do it again and then DO IT.
Quit screwing around with people who believe it is their MISSION to kill. Show them how it is done. They will either get tired of the slaughter or die off completely....either way it's a win.

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