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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Robin Smith: A Former 'Transgendered' Man Tells the Truth

Walt Heyer's new book relays 30 stories of people who regret sex-reassignment surgery.

Just before Christmas, CNBC promoted via social media an “LBGTQ youth advocate” by featuring a video of a boy in a sequined outfit, a choker, loop earrings, lipstick, and eye makeup posing Liza Minnelli-like in a child’s play pit filled with multi-colored balls. The caption: “This 11-year-old drag kid is using his voice to encourage LGBTQ youth to be themselves.”

The exploitation of this child first occurred over the summer, when his parents were heralded as “progressive” and the timeline of Desmond Napoles’s gender dysphoria was noted to have begun before he was old enough to have such issues. This truly despicable treatment of a child’s broken identify is just one example of the Leftmedia’s deliberate role as a partner in the degradation of humanity in the culture war. In fact, it’s child abuse.

While media “journalists” scoff at the idea they’re propagating a narrative that gender-bending is just great, why is there so little coverage of the broken individuals who face regret for making “transitions” to their assumed gender?

Walt Heyer, who underwent gender-reassignment surgery from male to female and lived that way for a decade before having more surgery to become male again, has written his sixth book on the issue, Trans Life Survivors. In it, Heyer chronicles the stories of just 30 of the hundreds of individuals who’ve contacted him about having joined the “transmania,” each wanting to escape some conflict, loss, trauma, or personal void only to deeply regret their flawed method of dealing with these personal battles. Heyer’s books are among the few resources that speak plainly about the struggles with child abuse, mental illness, and an unsuccessful attempt to take life’s hardships and traumas and hope to wash them away by gender fluidity instead of getting needed help.



Anonymous said...

Men have lived as women and women have served in war as men. I don't think it is quite the same as this modern " dysphoria " phenomenon. Quack shrinks and sexologists and butcher surgeons. I wonder how many BLIND people suffer this in our highly sexualized and image concious commercial culture. People are very confused. I just saw a thing about a guy that fetishes living in a wheel chair and being recognized as being disabled. WTF is that ? He is perfectly able and works on his feet and goes home and goes out to shop and dinner in a wheel chair. Who would wish that ? Too each their own suffering.......but it doe's not have to be that difficult. Life is not that long. Settle in to what and who you are weather you know what that is or not. That's what life is's your journey.....forget what society expects of and what you believe they think of you. You will find that people are quietly more excepting and tolerant of most people if they don't see them suffering alone and mutilating themselves and living in isolating fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Result of the lefist indocrination we call the government. MK Ultra at its best.