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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Charlie Kirk: Beware Democrat Efforts to Abolish the Electoral College

At military academies one studied battle tactic is that of the flanking maneuver. While there are variations, one of the forms taken is that of a “Pincer” where one force double envelopes an opposing army on both sides and then effectively crushes them in the middle.

The classic historical example was the use of the tactic by Hannibal in the Second Punic War against the Romans at the Battle of Cannae on August 2, 216 B.C.E. By drawing in the enemy and wrapping his forces around them to their flanks, by day’s end Hannibal’s men left 50-70,000 Roman soldiers lying dead in battle and nearly collapsed the then-tottering Roman Empire.

The Carthaginian Army lost only about 6,000.



Anonymous said...

Like little shit hole countries why should no where nobody states be saved by the Electoral College.
That's what's gotten us into this Honey Booboo Presidential mess. They only saw him on TV and have never lived anywhere near his practiced his " Art of the Deal " and screwed over workers municipalities and the state tax base that sponsored him. The man has balls but his contingency has never lived in the ACTUAL places that his dealings have corrupted. I thought Reagan, Bush and Clinton, Bush and Obamarama where idiots but this is a new low that just affirms that this Republic is out of it's mind. Wear your hats and wave your banners. This is not going to end well for any of us.

Anonymous said...

Once they'd start losing with the popular vote, they would want its protections back.

Anonymous said...

If it goes away, they'll want it back as soon as they lose a popular election. But, you know what? It isn't going away.

Anonymous said...

6:24 how do you think it would end if hillary was President? I shudder just thinking about it