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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wicomico County Council Accepts Federal Grant to Develop Pirate's Wharf Property

The Wicomico County Council has voted to accept a federal grant award of $820,000 from the National Parks Service through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) for development of the property known as "Pirate's Wharf." The grant is administered through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

"We are pleased that the County Council has voted to support this project," said Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver. "We look forward to transforming this property into a quality of life asset for County residents and visitors alike."

A work group established by the County Executive in 2017 recommended public water access, multi-use/low-impact recreational activities and maintenance of the property's natural resources as top priorities to consider in future development. The master planning process has begun and will continue over the next several months.

"The Pirate's Wharf development project supports the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' mission of creating diverse outdoor recreational opportunities for Maryland citizens and visitors," said Ingrid Brofman, Natural Resources Planner at Maryland DNR. "This additional access to nature on the beautiful Wicomico River will provide residents enjoyment, along with increased health benefits from walking, kayaking and spending time outdoors."

The LWCF grant requires completion of the project within a four-year period, though County officials are hopeful the project can be completed sooner.

Questions related to the project should be directed to Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism at 410-548-4900.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Bob and staff!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to run bike lanes to it. Help ease the traffic in town. They are all jammed up.

Anonymous said...

I viewed this meeting and thought it would be turned down for lack of planning and presentation.

Anonymous said...

more proof money just falls out of the sky

Anonymous said...

Some points to ponder: 1. This land has been removed from the tax rolls. 2. Have surveys indicated that Wicomico County is lacking for public parks and public access to its rivers? 3. Is the need to provide such a public recreational facility taken priority over the improvement and maintenance of County infrastructure? 4. Finally, what is the projected ten year cost to the taxpayer to maintain such a facility once it is operational?

One only needs to travel around the County to encounter roads, ditches and some buildings in need of “County Attention”. Once again, one has to wonder, what are the priorties, recreation or infrastructure?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. Two years from now we all will wonder "WHERE'S THE MONEY"!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't we get another grant to fill the potholes and pave the streets, Or demolish old houses that the city has let fall down and left boarded up, or the houses that were auctioned but never sold, foreclosed on by the owners and then let the owners have them back like 307 Washington Street. These places have way over the occupancy in them and are drug houses with backyards that have become parking lots, filled with dumpsters and junked cars. You want to have 2 more festivals where this is what they see.