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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Union Organizers Honored by State Communist Party

The Connecticut Communist Party honored a pair of union organizers, including an official who nearly captured the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, at its annual awards ceremony.

The party presented the People's World Amistad Awards to Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman in recognition of her upstart challenge against establishment Democrat, as well as longtime union official Shellye Davis. The party described the honorees as "fierce warriors in the forefront demanding workers' and immigrant rights, social justice, peace and equality for a better and sustainable world" in an announcement. The award ceremony was held at a Methodist Church in New Haven on Dec. 8 to mark the 99th anniversary of the Communist Party USA.

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Anonymous said...

So the unions are now against freedom and supporters of communism

Anonymous said...

People just don't get that the Democrats binge eat the Communist Party for breakfast every morning, then puke when nobody's watching.

Anonymous said...

The liberals have been pushing this agenda for years while students attended their communist training camps but called public schools. These people are dangerously multiplying among us.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference?? Unions are communist.