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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

French Historian: Multicultural Society Will Lead to a Multi-Conflict Society

Says Islamists have declared “war” on the west

Award-winning French historian Georges Bensoussan warns that multicultural societies will lead to multi-conflict societies and that Islam is incompatible with the Enlightenment ideals of western civilization.

In an interview with, Bensoussan, author of the Lost Territories of the Republic, warns that France’s crumbling national identity, exacerbated by guilt over its colonial past, will lead to violence.

“A multicultural society (not to be confused with a multi-ethnic society)” will become “increasingly synonymous with multi-conflict society” according to Bensoussan, who says that France “dismisses its own history and mortifies itself endlessly”.

He added that there are over 500 “problematic” no-go zone neighborhood where Salafist Islam is taking over and becoming increasingly impervious to law enforcement

Bensoussan says “a war has been declared (on) us” by Islamists and failure to understand this will leave European countries completely “helpless”.



Anonymous said...

The war started centuries ago. The west was too naive and thought it had ended due to western superiority.

Anonymous said...

Well when you have idiots running the EU that's what you get. I think that witch Merkle is on her way out but not befor she destroyed her country. You reap what you sow.