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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The True Story of Kermit Gosnell and His Victims

In the history of the pro-life movement, a handful of flashpoints stand out. Moments that draw our attention to the horrors of abortion and the issues that surround it, and give fresh energy to the pro-life movement. One of those movements clearly came in 2010 when the FBI raided the clinic of a Philadelphia abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell.

What investigators found there and what so many witnessed was truly horrifying. We chat with Ann McElhinney, a filmmaker who has produced a film about the events that followed titled “Gosnell.” This is a lightly edited transcript of The Daily Signal’s Sept. 12 podcast.

“Gosnell” comes out in theaters Oct. 12; click here to see a list of theaters showing the movie.

Daniel Davis: Well, Ann, before we get into some of the substance of your movie, can you give us a refresher on just what happened.

Ann McElhinney: Yeah. It’s an extraordinary case and it’s funny having read, written a book and even now when I’m going to go to certain readings and read our passages of it, I still find it extraordinary when I tell people. Because you sort of say it and think there’s no way this could happen, and this could happen in this century.

In progressive Pennsylvania, here was a doctor, Kermit Gosnell, an African-American, he’s in his early 70s now, who ran an abortion clinic for 30 years, where he routinely, and these are not my words, this is the grand jury’s words, where he routinely delivered babies alive and then cut their necks with scissors.

And he did this for 30 years. That’s why in the eyes of the grand jury and also ABC’s Terry Moran, he was described as America’s biggest serial killer, which is the phrase we use in the film.


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Anonymous said...

Saw the movie at Regal, Salisbury this afternoon.

It is hard-hitting, but NOT gory.

A MUST SEE drama, not a documentary. Well-made, great acting.