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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Schools Not Required to Notify Parents If Child Identifies as Transgender, New Jersey Says

It's one of the most delicate and potentially combustible questions schools can face.

A teenager confides in a teacher that he or she is transgender and wants to transition at school without any family finding out about it.

Should the school call the student's parents? And, if it does, what happens if mom and dad say no?

After years of school officials using their own best judgment, New Jersey has weighed in, siding with students and telling schools they must allow kids to change genders -- even if their parents don't know about or don't want it to happen.
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Anonymous said...

To liberal educators, your children aren’t yours. Hillary said it takes a village. She meant the village takes.

Arvine Burgert said...

Well, I guess if the parents don't have a clue their child is having transgender notions it isn't up to he school to clue them in.

Anonymous said...

This will not stand.

Anonymous said...

Fire the council.

Anonymous said...

Lmao. The parents don’t already know? Y’all would need confirmation from a school system as to gender identity of your child?

Anonymous said...

This is a less than one percent issue. No need to give gender identification a high consideration. Stop giving libs power

Anonymous said...

I would think the parents would know.