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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Media Waging 'Psychological Warfare' Against Trump With Warnings Of Looming 'Staff Exodus'

We've heard this one before...

Even as polls have shown that Democrats' efforts to stymie the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as well as their continued support for open borders as a migrant caravan trudges ever closer to McAllen, Texas, have only galvanized Republican voters ahead of the Nov. 6 midterms, the mainstream media has continued to push the narrative that the imminent blue wave will almost certainly wrest control of the House away from the GOP, forcing Trump and his cabinet officials into an uncomfortable position, as Democrats leverage their newfound power to subpoena staffers, senior officials and perhaps even the president himself. Fearful of being caught up in a drama with potential legal ramifications, Trump administration officials are preparing for a mass exodus during the lame-duck session that could leave the West Wing and the bureaucracy dangerously understaffed, according to Politico, Bloomberg and several other media organizations, all of which have in recent days published stories about rumored staff departures.

The message from the mainstream media is clear: After a surprisingly successful run at the helm, the Trump administration is finally sinking under the weight of the profusion of scandals, and with key officials like White House counsel Don McGahn II already on their way out, it's unclear who, exactly, will act as a bulwark between Trump and his political enemies.

As Steve Bannon said, staffers, the majority of whom aren't well paid, are worried that they will find themselves embroiled in some legal fiasco that might force them to blow all of their savings on legal fees.

“How do you restaff with top quality folks knowing that you’re going to be subpoenaed? If you go in, you better be wealthy because you’re going to need to pay a lawyer,” said Steve Bannon, the former White House adviser who has had to hire his own lawyer to respond to inquiries about his time in the admini



Anonymous said...

more lies and deception from the evil ones. God is on our side, so rest easy the dems will be shown the door

Anonymous said...

As much as we were all butt hurt and disenfranchised by eight years of Obamarama and we knew this man would mix it up and he has and will but our political climate has taken on a new surrealistic strain. Those that have seem to think they are making out and those that want are on board fancying themselves all latent entrepreneurs that can brand themselves and possible be POTUS too. The deficit it up 18 % and the jobs created by the tax breaks are subprime with no benefits or security. I did not like either Bush or Reagan but this clown is off the charts and playing Honey Boo Boo Americans like every other deal and performance is a divine act of genius that he has done in the past. What is scarier yet is that everyone is buying it.

Anonymous said...

So let's see.... 8 million less on welfare. 11 millions less on food stamps. Lowest unemployment rate for Blacks/Asians Hispanics Women...and there so much more I could give much against him from the start. I'm so glad he is President !! MAGA!! Suck it up losers

Anonymous said...

So it is the Dems desire to only destroy Trump and not put Americans interest first. Waste taxpayers money and time to destroy what is currently working well for Americans. Why would we Republicans want that.