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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Exodus: British Jews Leave for Israel

The number of British Jews leaving the UK and seeking a new life in Israel has risen seven percent on last year’s figures, mirroring a sharp increase in Russian Jews also fleeing Europe.

Overall, Israel saw the arrival of 18,965 immigrants under its Law of Return for Jews and their relatives, or olim, in the first eight months of 2018 compared to 19,067 in the same period last year, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Immigration to Israel from Russia soared to 6,331 newcomers in the same period compared to 4,701. The number from the UK rose by seven percent to 371 newcomers on the back of increased reports of those leaving seeking sanctuary from open displays of anti-Semitism.

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Anonymous said...

Are they leaving to escape the slimes that have been allowed to enter and terrorize the people?

The Israelis and Russians won't tolerate that BS!

Anonymous said...

The British government and 'royalty' have politely allowed the muzzies to infiltrate their county and they will soon be running it like one of the $hithole countries from which they 'migrated'.

Britain fought off the Germans, French, Spanish and other nations bravely in past centuries but could not stand up to the 'immigrant invasion' due to political correctness and politeness.

Hopefully American citizens are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

They are leaving to escape the growing anti-semitism. Much of the world has forgotten and does not care about the holocaust, but those who lost their families have not forgotten. Millions of people have been killed in genocides throughout the world. Seldom does a potential victim have the opportunity to go to a homeland and take a stand against the monsters. At least these people will have a chance to live or die in their ancestral homeland as free people.

Anonymous said...

For what the rest of the world contributes to Israel you would think all the Jews would be going there.