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Friday, October 19, 2018

Dr. Ford - an EYE OPENER!

You ask why Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford would do this? I’ll give you 4 reasons:

1) She owns a major portion of the company that makes the morning after abortion pill and she is afraid Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade, therefore making her million dollar empire go caput.

2) She’s a professor at the same college (Palo Alto U) where Diane
Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is on the board of directors. She has worked with Blum on the “resist Trump” movement for two years.

3) Dr. Blasey-Ford’s brother, Tom Blasey, is business partners with Peter Strzok’s cousin, Jill Strzok, for a company called Exiles Inc. Enough said there.

4) Feinstein and Chuck Schumer appointed lawyers to set up three GoFundMe pages for her the week BEFORE she testified, which are currently up to over a million dollars for her to keep as payment for her testimony. I can go on if you would like. Don’t believe for one minute this “professor” came out of nowhere!!


Anonymous said...

I share your comments. Absolutely true. Why didn't the Committee ask her any of these questions or any questions under oath. By the way, where is she now - surfing on the GoFundMe monies.

Anonymous said...

So happy Kavanaugh was confirmed. Not only did it expose the left but they suffered yet another smack down. Voters should see the ridiculous ideology of the liberals come November; if they did it would be a slam dunk for conservatism.

Anonymous said...

It's like she just came out of nowhere. Don't hear anything out of her now. Taking the money and still running,

Anonymous said...

I listened to her testimoney live. She was not at all credible.

It was obvious she was rehearsed and coached.

Anonymous said...

The Committee didn't ask any of these questions because they were all in this thing togethe. So damn corrupt, every last one of them. They need to remember, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all the time.

Anonymous said...

Just another democrat liar!

Anonymous said...

Things like this expose the left, liberal Democrats for the POS they are.

Anonymous said...

Very informative. I did not know this and good to know.

I will also add, even with this knowledge and perceived personal interests, it has nothing to do with if Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. Nor should any of this have a bearing on the truth of the allegation. It would certainly be fair to investigate if any of these ties are fabricating the Kavanaugh allegation, which would definitely be important to uncover if true, and those fabricating it should be prosecuted. It's not fair for Kavanaugh to be wrongly accused and dragged through what he did. However, if the allegations are true about the assault, none of these issues have any bearing on that fact. The sexual assault issue needs to stand on its own. In my opinion.

Robert Applegate said...

While that is true that none of that has a bearing on Cavanaugh innocence or guilt it would be a good reason to come after him.the fact that she could not remember where it happened,nor when and her best friend who was her supposed witness to the assault knew nothing about it made her a discredited victim