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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Police Shut Down Alabama Dog Fighting, Saving Seventeen Animals

Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies saved the lives of more than a dozen innocent dogs from a dog fighting ring on Sunday.

After receiving complaints of dogs fighting near Main Street in Mulga, Alabama, Chief Deputy Randy Christian said that they could hear them somewhere in the woods behind one of the houses. They intercepted one person carrying an injured canine, then proceeded to find 17 more. Four of those had injuries consistent with dog fighting.

Eleven dog skulls were found in the area surrounding a ring that contained fresh blood.

Authorities arrested Reginald Antonio Dowdell, 42, for allegedly participating in dog fighting. “He was booked into the county jail and later released on a $15,000 bond,” reports WVTM.



Anonymous said...

Thank goodness they left alone the cock fights.

Anonymous said...

Smear this human piece of garbage in Alpo, shove a Milk-Bone where the sun don't shine and let the dogs have at him...a little "restorative justice" for the dogs,...