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Thursday, May 03, 2018

N.J. Union Honcho Brags About 'Bending the Truth' to Defend Abusive, Drugged-Out, Shoplifting Teachers

It's no secret that teachers' unions have a habit of protecting bad teachers to the detriment of the nation's students, but how far will they go to protect an incompetent—even abusive—teacher?

That question is answered in Project Veritas' latest undercover investigation targeting Hamilton Township Education Association (HTEA), a teachers' union in New Jersey.

In the videos below, a Project Veritas (PV) undercover journalist gets Dr. David Perry, president of HTEA, to admit on tape that his union is willing to "bend the truth" to "defend even the worst people" and hide a potential crime.



Anonymous said...

Im a parrot...WE NEED SCHOOL VOUCHERS.let me spend my tax dollars where it gets the best education for the dollar. Wanna get control back? Put a scare BOEs? The state? Put the power back into our own hands!! School voucher program now!

Anonymous said...

He was talking about teachers with "Tenure" which needs to be stopped! Do you have a guaranteed job for life? How come they get one?