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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Maryland police officer’s death ignites a racial firestorm

BALTIMORE – It’s hard to think of a more volatile mix: Four young black males from Baltimore City, accused in the death of a white female police officer in Baltimore County. Authorities say three of the teenagers were breaking into homes when the fourth ran the officer over in a stolen Jeep.

Predictably enough, social media, call-in radio and other forums blew up. A sampling from the Baltimore County Police & Fire Facebook page:

“I was hoping they’d kill him during apprehension. What a waste of life. He’s currently breathing air some decent person could be breathing.”

“I personally am tired of good for nothing hood rats committing adult crimes and people STILL saying crap like, he had hard times growing up, society made him do these things because he had no role models.”



Anonymous said...

These animals , young and old should be handled with fire power. They are the cancer of the obama era and need to be terminated quickly. They have a cure for this cancer it's been around for many years , lead.

Anonymous said...

Where's the outrage from the blacks?? If four Whites ran over a black. They'd be burning the SHITHOLE down.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt matter what race a person is murder is murder. Doesn't matter what the circumstances of his past are either. It detracts nothing from the severity of the action.

Anonymous said...

Where's the anger when a young militant and cowardly white man kills people through mass killing? What kind of person call a group of people, hood rats subliminally. This writer will be called a High Society,hateful and privileged Racists RAT. This hateful and racist ideology against the races in this country needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a River it was OBAMA who pushed the race issues in this country by opening his BIG loudmouth on police incidents before knowing the FACTS this was done on PURPOSE to start a race war and at 12.9 % of the population you better hope I'd doesn't happen.

Anonymous said...

1:50, "This hateful and racist ideology against the races in this country needs to stop."

Wrong...this hateful killing at random in our society needs to stop. "Dodge City" before our time wasn't as active, when you had hardly no law.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I am certain of is this. I bet white citizens do not burn down any white neighborhood to protest black "ked's" taking a white police officers life.