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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It’s time for Bill Clinton to take a walk in the Chappaqua woods

It’s 2018. One of the world’s most powerful married men had a 22-year-old intern perform oral sex on him in his office. He’s been accused of sexual assault by three other women. One claims, as is the case with so many of the men who have fallen from positions of power as a result, that he exposed himself to her (which always makes me, at least, pause and wonder why on earth so many men seem to want to do this). We know, too, that he lied about his tryst with the intern.

So why is Bill Clinton still presiding over glamorous parties?

When Monica Lewinsky was disinvited from a Town & Country Philanthropy Summit earlier this month where Bill Clinton was speaking, the question shouldn’t have been why was she disinvited. It should have been why is Bill Clinton is headlining events at all.

And boy, is he ever. Clinton has a full social schedule this summer. In June he’ll be publicizing his book “The President is Missing” along with his co-author James Patterson all across the country. He’ll also make time to host the Clinton Foundation dinner, where tickets range from $2,500 to $100,000 and Shaggy and Sting are scheduled to perform.

Again, he’s almost certainly guilty of actions that would be categorized as harassment in 2018. The fact that the Lewinsky affair happened as long ago as 1995 is no matter.



Anonymous said...

Wow What a bunch of morons what trump did if he did at all had nothing to do with his job as president nor as an employer employee. So clinton gets a pass once again when he should go the way of weinstein...And women would not make a pass at obama. Men did.. Did they publize the men who made accusations, of course not!

Anonymous said...

Well said! Why indeed is she disinvited and why does he have the credibility to speak? Very broken system!

Anonymous said...

The world feels very sorry for him being married to such an ugly old lying bitch, that shits herself.
This is why poor Bill is tolerated, sympathy .
You can also add the this a very ugly daughter and Bill is not been very happy in years.

Anonymous said...

Everything Bill Clinton does is actually done by someone else. He's not all there anymore.

Anonymous said...

They should have let Monica Blowinsky attend.

Anonymous said...

Let's put all the names out there just so we never forget: Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broadrick these are facts. He should be serving time not collecting $ for speaking unless he wants to admit to the Uranium he and Hillary sold to 3rd world countries that are our enemies. All the murders and sudden unexplained deaths by himself and Hillary. All the e-mails that were leaked world wide by Hillary and the death of 4 Americans she is responsible for in Bengazi! They should both be behind bars and their so called service records to this country removed!