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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trump hides good things from view

The Trump presidency can be exhausting. What with tweets, unsavory lawyers, and porn models and actresses, not to mention allegations from the #Resistance, it can be hard to see that the administration is actually getting a lot done.

Beneath the surface, obscured by the glaring neon of the president’s exchanges with news media and with other forces determined to degrade our political culture further, is a steady record of conservative accomplishments. These are boosting the economy and paring government back a little closer to its proper size. They are also giving heartburn to anyone on the Left capable of peeling their eyes away from fantasies about a Trumpian conspiracy with Russia.

The headline achievements are still the appointment of a conservative justice to the Supreme Court and the passage of a tax reform bill that is plowing corporate money into investment that previously went to tax avoidance. But Trump is also wrestling trade concessions from China with protectionist rhetoric that we, we admit, opposed, and prizing open that vast market to an unprecedented extent for American automakers.


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Anonymous said...

I stopped reading at "boosting the economy".

There is no economy. The money masters have rigged all of the markets and printed US currency (all currencies) into oblivion. The is no honest price discovery. Inflation is out of control, but the government reports of it are less than 2%. And what is with this artificial peg of 2% inflation? Since when is inflation a good thing?


Wake up people. Try reading some economics for a change - and not Keynes.