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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gun Rights Actually Are a Civil Rights Issue

It is becoming increasingly fashionable for those who support gun control tocompare the post-Parkland, student-driven movement to the civil rights movements of earlier generations.

“Young people said, ‘We will not tolerate what our ancestors have tolerated. We’ve had enough and we’re willing to fight for it and we’re willing to march in the streets for it and, if necessary, die for it,’” TV personality Oprah said in comparing the student marches to civil rights demonstrations.

One writer in The New Yorker wrote of the pro-gun control March for Our Lives protest: “The Parkland students seem to instinctively understand that their fight not only crosses racial and class lines but also exists on a historical continuum, as an extension of the civil-rights movement.”

Another recent article in The Washington Post, headlined “Gun rights are about keeping white men on top,” even tried to connect American gun culture and support for gun rights to racism.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Breaking news

NY law required all domestic abusers to surrender all guns

Anonymous said...

Plus it expanded list of offenses.

Anonymous said...

Hell, the gay community piggy back off the civil right laws in this country. Why not gun owners.

lmclain said...

The "surrender your guns or go to prison" edicts are being quietly introduced across the nation.
These Nazi bi***es have already taken multiple (and non-violent) crimes and used a conviction of them as a basis for a LIFETIME (!!) ban on gun ownership.
The cheerleaders think all it is about is guns.
They think their OTHER right are perfectly safe in the hands of Heinrich and Mao.
EVERY right we have will fall like dominoes when we are disarmed.
Look at Great Britain. They disarmed their citizens and now the Queen's subjects (read that again) regularly are JAILED for "hate speech". If the government there doesn't like what you say, or someone claims you hurt their feelings, you lose your freedom.
You dumbasses are going to cheer yourself right into a prison cell.