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Friday, February 02, 2018

The Party of Saul Alinsky & Its War on Trump

When Senator Cory Booker delivered his fuming diatribe last week, blasting the “ignorance and bigotry” of President Trump's “vile and vulgar” reference to “s***hole countries,” it was merely the latest installment in the interminable series of assaults against Trump by Congressional Democrats and virtually every member of the mainstream news media. From the day Trump was elected, the Left's principal objective has been to ridicule him variously as a deranged buffoon, a demented menace, a traitorous collaborator with the Kremlin, a congenital racist, a fascist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, and a misogynist. Every day, every hour, brings a new charge.

Not one iota of this has occurred randomly. Every single fragment of this assault against Trump has been meticulously orchestrated and carried out by the Left with undiluted fidelity to the famous blueprint for political warfare that was first laid out several decades ago by the late Saul Alinsky, who posthumously has re-emerged as the Democratic Party's guiding intellectual light.

Known as the godfather of “community organizing” – a term that serves as a euphemism for fomenting public anger, political hatred, and in some cases, violence – Alinsky was a communist fellow-traveler whose monumental importance to the Democrats is underscored by the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama became devoted disciples of his political creed. He laid out a set of basic tactics designed to help radical activists and politicians destroy their enemies while gaining power for themselves.



Anonymous said...

It is sad that cory booker got himself so worked up over the s hole comment but being a part of the perverted democrat party he didn't utter a word about a 6 yr old being brutally raped by an illegal alien who broke into her home in the state he represents. That is because it is acceptable for illegals to rape little children to the democrats. They will not say anything that demonizes illegals. They claim it themselves they are nasty and nasty gross and perverted they are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember eight years of Bush when Pelosi came out every day and said he was a redneck, stupid and not worthy of the office? Everything he proposed was going to cause death. Well it's just the same ole same ole. She is so confused she has referred to Trump as Bush on many occasions. Couldn't listen to her then - can't listen to her now.

Anonymous said...

The democrats once again proved their primal and uncivilized ways when they didn't even acknowledge the murders of the 2 girls by MS 13. That is because democrats will do nothing that might upset immigrants even if it includes upsetting more the parents of those 2 murdered girls.

Anonymous said...

How silly.
Saul Alinsky was a tool of the academic elite.
He wasn't the originator of any thing.