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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stolen Valor: Fake Green Beret Forced to Shut Down Honor Guard Group

WASHINGTON -- Papotia Reginald Wright started the 8th Special ForcesRegiment New York Honor Guard more than a year ago to perform burial services for veterans. But according to investigations by multiple groups, the supposed Special Forces veteran vastly inflated his military service, including medals for valor, and his group has since shut down.

Wright claimed to be a retired command sergeant major from Special Forces and used his fraudulent claim to run a veterans service organization with no official nonprofit status in Brooklyn, N.Y., according the state Attorney General's office. Military records seen by Stars and Stripes show he served in the Army from 1982-90 as a truck driver who never ranked higher than a specialist -- a far cry from his claims of combat service.



Anonymous said...

It goes to show that people want to feel validated, even if they have to pretend they're something they're not, or maybe especially so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service. No thanks for your stolen valor.

Anonymous said...

This is wrong, he identifies as a retired Sargent, therefore, he is one.

well, Liberal Idiots think this way.