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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Grazing Rights, Cattle Ranching, Tortoises, Fracking, Solar arrays, and Clive Bundy at Old Dad & Uranium One

What the heck is going on? Why would Clive Bundy have ever quit paying for grazing rights for his huge herd of cattle when he needed it so badly? His cattle fed those Las Vegas hotels all the T-bones and Filet Mignon they could get. Back in 2014, though, the BLM brought in troops, track hoes and helicopters to round up cattle who were now “trespassing” on BLM land without a permit. Many cattle were being just shot and buried in pits dug out with the track hoe. Bundy went out to claim his rightful property back and had many friends to help him do it, too. After all, his permit wasn’t pulled for not paying the fees, it was just plain pulled one day for no reason and that’s why Clive decided he didn’t have to keep paying for something he wasn’t going to get.

It didn’t take long for lots of help from across the country to come out to stand with the Bundy Ranch and a huge armed standoff to start. Cattle were released back to Bundy, and the BLM story had to change since now the “permit” cat was out of the bag, so all of a sudden there were Desert Tortoises to protect. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Tortoises! No way could they continue to survive after 115 years of the Bundy’s cattle grazing there!

Wait, no, that doesn’t sound right, either. How the heck did those turtles survive all those years next to the cattle? We need to say we need the land to put up a nice, clean solar farm! Yeah, you know, to make the planet a better place, you know! Flood the millions of acres with trucks, trailers, drilling rigs, pickups, concrete mixers and plants, smashing all those freakin’ tortoises along the way! After all, we just got word the funding dried up at the giant tortoise research facility and they have to euthanize all their turtles anyway!

Rumor were starting on the WEB that the real reason the BLM wanted the land is for fracking for natural gas. After all, none of the other stories made a lick of sense, and provided absolutely no valid reason for anything the BLM was claiming, It HAD to be something like that; it’s the only thing that makes any sense, right?

Enter Uranium One. The name of some Russian company that owns uranium mines or something, isn’t it? And they work under the cover of other names all over the world, right? I wonder when and where they thought up that name. I mean wouldn’t a Russian mining company have a Russian sounding name like, oh, Stroikcveski or something? How is it that they would think of “Uranium 1”?

Let’s look at an old 1950’s USGS map of Uranium mining claims in, say, Nevada. Take a real close look at the lower right corner of the map, and the legend at the left. See it? Look for #10.

Here, I’ll blow it up for you… (above)

#10 on the legend reads, “Old Dad and Uranium 1 Claims”. Huh! Imagine that? Just where is this in Nevada? Let’s take a look at the BLM land that was taken away from the Bundy's. Above is a map showing the red lined area that was permitted to the Bundy’s for 115 years as grazing land, and a green square dot showing the 160 acre Bundy farm used to grow crops. I’ve marked the location of #10, the Uranium 1 claim from back in the 1950’s. No telling how big it is now, but it’s clearly in sight of any ranch hand who happens to be rounding up some cattle for market.

Imagine one of Bundy’s men coming across a huge strip mining operation with a bunch of names tied to Russia?


My Two Cents said...

I use my Search Engine frequently on subjects of interest. While checking out the BLM mentioned in the posting (thinking surely not Black Lives Matter) I came across many good web-sites on the Bundy subject. The link below, though lengthy, IMO explains it well.

Fact Check
April 20, 2017 – A Federal jury has resumed deliberations on the Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial

A recent confrontation between federal BLM) (Bureau of Land Management) employees and protesters over the attempted confiscation of cattle (on land that originally belonged to Paiute tribes), belonging to rancher Cliven Bundy, that had been grazing on federal land (illegally, going on 20 years now) has made its way into several news outlets. Conspiracy theorists have described this as an Orwellian takeover (incorrectly describing this as an attempted takeover of the ranch itself) and suppression of civil liberties, along with alleged backroom deals involving Harry Reid and Chinese solar farms. A basic fact check reveals that reality is more benign and less dramatic. Rather than taking the time to learn about and explain the history, structure and legal mandate of the BLM, as well as the multiple court cases Bundy lost and complaints from other locals and environmental groups (often confusing and overlapping) over Bundy’s trespass cattle, many conspiracy theorists have seized this opportunity to portray the BLM as some shadowy organization trampling a rancher’s rights. Conspiracy theorists have tied this to their Agenda 21 conspiracy narrative.

As The Wildlife News writes:
We hope to write more about the history of America’s public lands because the public’s lack of knowledge plays into the hands of political and media manipulators.

The Author said...

The pictures are in order, just not inserted into the text like I tried for, the first two being from the early '50's USGeological survey of Nevada Uranium mines. If you zoom #2 up about 4 times, you can read that #10 is named "Old Dad and Uranium 1 claims" and is drawn onto Pic #3 within the boundaries of the Bundy grazing area.

Interestingly enough, on closer examination of the fourth picture showing today's "No Trespassing" areas, a closer look at the Uranium 1 location is still ruled "accessible". I guess that's to let the Russians have access to mine their uranium.

Uranium 1 has been a mine for more than 60 years; it's NOT a new thing, as the MSM would want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

@My Two Cents,

I haven't researched this subject and don't have time right now, but if in fact this involves our government acting in a sinister manner, your search results are exactly what one would expect.

There's also plenty of evidence to suggest that google skews search results to support their own points of view and political biases. Are they a trusted resource, or are they in league with the deep state?

Anonymous said...

I had read it was about a solar farm that China wanted to build and McCuke was involved.

Anonymous said...

There were plenty of "Look over here" articles written and ideas tossed about, but now that we know about the Uranium 1 scandal and that the claim is on that land and has been for over 65 years brings a whole new light on the issues. I think this is an extremely plausible probability.