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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi Moves To Block Paroled Killer OJ From Living in Florida

The lawyer of OJ Simpson has been knocking Florida’s attorney general, with a claim that she might be ‘possibly the stupidest person on the planet,’ after she had gone ahead and tried to reject the former football player from coming into the state. The Attorney General is Pam Bondi, and she had been working to get the Nevada penitentiary from which Simpson was belong held, to prevent him from attempting to become a resident of Florida.

Malcolm Lavergne is Simpsons legal attorney, and came undone during an interview with Tampa Bay Times. He came unglued when he used his profanity laced anger against Bondi:

‘What a complete stupid b—-. F— her.’

Oh yes, there is more:

‘She has zero standing to even talk about Mr. Simpson’s case. She’s the attorney general, she has nothing to do with it. It’s virtually a foregone conclusion that Simpson will be moving to Florida when he chooses and once Nevada approves it. That’s handled by the Nevada Division of Parole and Florida department of corrections, not the attorney general.’



Anonymous said...

AG still has say in Florida Department of Correction / Parole Division decision on excepting Paroles from another State. Just like in MD for these convicts on Parole from ECI has to get authorization from MD Parole Division to stay on the Eastern Shore if they are from another part of the State.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:14
Not entirely accurate...the parole division doesn't authorize where they stay..if they get out on mandatory they don't even need a home to go to they can be homeless..if on parole they want to get released to the Eastern Shore then they give a home plan and a PO checks it out...they cant just say they cant stay there for no reason like they don't want them there

Anonymous said...

Does she have a prison in her state? Let him hold up there. Or no need to waste time and energy when he will be back where he belongs soon.