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Friday, September 29, 2017


15 out of 25

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
Major metro areas with the highest black-white segregation that are in the Rust Belt.
Source: Brookings

$3 million a day

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
Money Florida lost by suspending tolls to help speed up evacuations and relief efforts for Hurricane Irma. It amounted to more than $45 million.
Source: CBS Miami

12 hours

SEPTEMBER 26, 2017
Amount of time will be shut down on every Sunday but one during open enrollment for maintenance. Critics have accused the Trump administration of intentionally making it harder for the Affordable Care Act to succeed by also shortening the enrollment period and cutting funding for advertising and navigators, people who help others buy ACA insurance.

Less than 1 day

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
Time it took Gatorade to settle a lawsuit from California accusing the company of false advertising for implying in an online game that drinking water slows runners down. The game has since been disabled, and the state is now $300,000 richer.

More than 24

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
Illinois state lawmakers who have either resigned this year or said they won't seek re-election, which is about 15 percent of the General Assembly and an unusually large exodus. Many have cited the state's political gridlock and increasingly angry citizenry as reasons for moving on.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2017
States that would face federal funding cuts in 2026 if the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare becomes law. Almost all of them expanded Medicaid. Meanwhile, most of the states that didn't expand Medicaid would see an increase in federal funding.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
Democratic governors and state attorneys general who are women, which accounts for 20 percent representation. The Democratic Attorneys General Association hopes to increase that number and recently launched "the 1881 Initiative" -- named for the first year that a woman ran, unsuccessfully, for state AG -- to help.


Anonymous said...

100% of people that know things about the Clinton Crime Family and plan on testifying about it, will never ever live to see the inside of a courtroom!

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Salisbury Fire boat has been used 0% out of zero boat fires!

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poor woman now added to the masses, RIP.