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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trump Rally In Georgetown Delaware


Anonymous said...

is this just people gonna jump and shout for Trump or is Trump actually gonna be there

Anonymous said...

Is Trump going to be there? It's a yes or no comment? Can someone please answer.

Anonymous said...

The hate on our Ancestors/Confederate Soldiers is raging all over the South now from Maryland to Florida, to New Orleans and to Dallas Texas is where you see it. This right here exemplifies the hatred of Radical Blacks and now Muslims as shown in this video with a radical female Muslim wearing a Hijab. WTH happened to the Sharia Law that they are to be seen and not heard. The dumb reporter said that not many people knew where it was even though it had been there for 120 years, but the ones that do know where it is it incites painful memories. It had been there for 120 years and hasn't bothered a soul. Hasn't killed anyone. So what is the real reason of this? He shows a radical black man that is screaming into a megaphone something silly about "White Supremacy." Funny that has been the Buzzword for the BLM, Social Justice Warriors and Obama. Look at the uneducated, dumb, black female moron stating that "this represents racism and the murder of millions of people who "look like her." Oh really!! Who were the millions of black people who were "Murdered" by the Confederacy?? Not a single black person was murdered by the Confederacy. Not 1! That is nothing but lies fueled by the MSM to continue the division of Racism in America and to Right a wrong that wasn't wrong. Why Supremacy hasn't been seen in over 100 years and it had nothing to do with the Confederacy. Yes it is Heritage and not hate and that is why it lasted 120 years. Many black supporters of the Confederacy will confirm that.

Heritage Or Hate? Debate Over Confederate Statues Heats Up In Dallas
CBS Dallas Duration: 02:13 27 mins ago

The debate about Confederate statues and monuments in Dallas spilled out in the form of a rally Thursday night downtown at Pioneer Park

Anonymous said...

11:58 PM

Could not find anything on this other than here.