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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Clean Up Continues After ‘Unusual’ Tornadoes Hit Eastern Shore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Still reeling from tornadoes, people in two Eastern Shore communities are assessing the damage and beginning to rebuild.

Unusually strong summer storms over the past two weeks spawned powerful twisters that destroyed homes, but spared lives.

The recovery in Salisbury and Stevensville continues, but some residents are wondering why the weather warnings came just minutes before the storms hit.

The National Weather Service says the tornado on Kent Island was atypical because it happened in the middle of the night, the tornado in Salisbury had low-level rotation that was hard for radar to detect.



Anonymous said...

So why spend 100 million dollars for a radar system?

Anonymous said...

Tornadoes can occur due to conditions. AccuWeather did predict tornado possibilities in our area that day and they do a lot when we have storms. Most times, it doesn't occur even when conditions are favorable. You can't truly predict the weather to a pinpoint. Many times, mother nature can turn track or not produce an event even when the conditions are favorable. You can't blame radar systems. Monday's tornado looks like it sprang up right around Dogwood Drive because there was no distinct funnel in the beginning of the videos shot by the restaurant right there, but the winds got caught in a funnel quickly and produced a tornado.