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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Worcester County Leads State With 91% DUI Conviction Rate

SNOW HILL — For the second year in a row, the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office has achieved the highest conviction rate for driving under the influence cases in Maryland.

The data is collected and compiled by the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Association each year. The association tracks the overall success rate on drunk-driving cases for each jurisdiction and the data collected for 2015 was released last week. Once the data was analyzed, the association determined Worcester County had the highest conviction rate in drunk-driving cases among all jurisdictions in Maryland.

According to the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Association, of the 912 impaired driving cases that were resolved in court in Worcester County in 2015, 832 had positive outcomes, although the criteria for a positive outcome was not defined. That represents a conviction rate of 91.2 percent for Worcester, which was the highest conviction rate in the state for 2015, or the latest year for which data had been analyzed.



Anonymous said...

that's about $4 or $5 mil in fines and other costs, surely not chicken feed!

Anonymous said...

FUNNY... I didn't see anything anywhere about the Marine Police Capt. who the MSP arrested on Rt.50 drinking and riding a motorcycle. I wonder what Beau Oglesvey did with that case and why was there NO public information as to the disposition of the incident. This guy WAS charged and WAS reported to the news yet it faded away and I'm wondering is this incident a PART of Oglesveys' shining accomplishments or an exercise in the good ole boy system so prevalent
on the Eastern Shore network of politicians. ???????????????????

Anonymous said...

Revenue enhancement at its finest!!!!

Anonymous said...

With Judge Groton on the bench, its no wonder.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, there's a large sound from outside, oh let me go see what it is.

A large group of black helicopters are hovering over my house. HEY YOU GUYS, IT WASN'T ME...IT WAS 1048AM WHO OPINED ABOUT THE MARINE. NOT ME NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(snicker snicker)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess PBJ must count as a conviction because that all I see when following some of the cases that people I know that has been arrested.

Anonymous said...

It went to trial. He was acquitted. No cover up. It's public record.