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Saturday, July 22, 2017

OCPD Investigating Card Skimmers At Two Gas Stations

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City police is investigating at least two cases of theft involving credit and debit card skimmers at gas pumps in two locations, an investigation that extends outside the resort and beyond.

Last Thursday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) detectives began investigating recent reports of credit and debit card theft involving skimmers inserted into the payment mechanism at gas pumps in two locations in the resort that allow suspects to gain access to personal bank account information of unknowing victims. An inspection of gas pumps at two locations, including the Sunoco at 129th Street and the Exxon pumps at Oceans Market on 141st Street revealed technically-advanced skimming devices inserted in the payment mechanism at the pumps.

The OCPD this week is continuing to investigate the credit and debit card skimmer cases along with other allied agencies in the resort area and beyond to determine if the thefts are more widespread than initially believed. The credit and debit card skimming cases are certainly not a new trend and similar cases involving gas pumps and even ATM machines have been reported in and around the area for the last few months. OCPD public information specialist Lindsay Richard said this week some locations are more susceptible than others for the scam.



Anonymous said...

Most Debit cards permit them to be used as a regular Visa credit card. The Sunoco in particular that's mentions specifically asks if this is a Debit card. Respond with NO and you won't risk compromising your PIN.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

O.C. is fair game for scammers and tourists are the meat on the hoof.

Anonymous said...

Actually Cubans

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because cuba is at the fore front of technology.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone writing this article delve into educating us general consumers as to how to recognize a skimmer? I mean, supposedly it is inserted from the outside of a gas pump and must have a visible clue to be able to defend myself from a skimmer should I see one.

Is there anyone out there who can tell us how to be on the lookout for these?

Obviously, the police have no clues for us. They are only here to tell us we've already been ripped off.

Anonymous said...

google can.

Anonymous said...

yes Google has pics of them and how to tell the what do atm skimmers look will find a lot of them. Thats what i did after my sister got hit for almost a thousand bucks and it was traced back to a card slot on a machine...and not in a store but it didnt get her until a few days after she had used that machine. Be very careful of where you use your cards, unless its in legit stores!